Sand blasting

At Castella's we have a great know-how and expertise regarding sand blasting of casted aluminum and iron. Sand blasting can only be carried out on these types of metal as thinner metal will give in during the process.

Sand blasting in many regards

Among other things, we sand blast different items for renovation but also new products. Regarding sand blasting of new products, benches and fences can be mentioned.

High achievement with sand blasting

Sand blasting is used to clean the metal for e.g. rust and former treatment. Furthermore, sand blasting improves the adhesion significantly. It is very important with a good base in order to achieve a quality product which is durable.

Sand blasting takes part of corrosion classes. Sand blasting is carried out by using either steel shot or corundum as these types of blasting materials give an even surface.

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Please note that we have an item limitation: 600X400X350 cm.

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