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Powder coating on MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

Earlier powder coating on MDF has not been possible as it does not resist the heat, like wood.

At Castella's we use a new technology that makes it possible to powder coat MDF. Castella's is the only professional industrial painter in Europe that can offer this pioneering technology.

Powder coating on MDF offers many possibilities

Powder coating on MDF offers a wide range of choices. This technology makes it possible to coat MDF items as doors, table tops, skirting boards etc. without the items are exposed to the high and dangerous heat which normally is connected with powder coating during the curing process.

This technology can also be used to coat heat-sensitive items as plastic.

Pioneering technology makes it possible to powder coat MDF

Powder coated items have a very strong, easy-clean and UV-protected surface which is more resistant to scratches and is impact strengthened. Furthermore powder coating is very environmental friendly as it does not contain solvents.

Please contact Castella's for further information on powder coating on MDF

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*Powder coated chairs for IKEA

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