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Powder coating

Regarding powder coating, Castella's holds many qualities and lots of experience. Almost throughout a whole decade we have executed many orders consisting of powder coating.

Adaption of powder coating

Depending on where the items are going to be used/mounted, different types of powder coating are used in order to achieve the correct surface treatment. The items might be used indoor, outdoor, in high corrosion environment etc. Castella's use both polyester and epoxy rich powder.

Powder coating holds many advantages

You have to choose powder coating if you require a surface that is:

  • Highly corrosion protected
  • Highly weathered
  • Impact strengthened and more resistant to scratches
  • Free color choice among RAL (special colors are also available)

Furthermore, there is no drying time as the powder is being cured and it does not contain any solvents which makes it environmental friendly.

Sand blasting before powder coating

If the items are going to be used outdoor or in a harsh environment, they have to be sand blasted before coating. After sand blasting, the item is primed and the last layer is applied (the color). By using sand blasting before coating, it is possible to achieve a corrosion class C4. When the item is coated, the powder cures at 160-210 C° depending on the type of powder.

It is possible to apply a clear coat which contains anti-graffiti.

Please contact Castella's for further information on powder coating

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Please note that we have an item limitation:

Long oven: 600X45X150 cm.

Chamber oven: 350X200X200 cm.

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